Building a website in today’s market can involve anything from a ground-up design for a new business to a developmental reworking of a site that has been successfully topping search engine results for years but is now looking a little long-in-the-tooth. Intrafusion understands that your website is the primary public-facing front for your business, and it needs to reflect your ethos and your personality in a professional and enticing way.

This is why we work directly with you, opening a strong line of communication and making sure the entire process is transparent. We want you to have full overview of the development of your site and to make sure that everything is exactly as you want it. You have a passion for your business and your website should reflect that passion.

Using the best technologies

Stability, speed, reliability – for your website to be worth the investment, it has to do what is expected of it, every single time. At Intrafusion we have years of experience developing with Drupal, keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the online world and working alongside over a million developers who improve the tools daily.

Whether it is a backend database to serve dedicated content management, an eCommerce solution, or integration with many of the social media tools available, our expertise with Drupal provides a quality solution to any problem.

Moving with people’s changing relationship with the internet

When we began back in 2003, websites were viewed almost exclusively through a desktop PC. Website development cared about browser compatibility and software versions – today, while those aspects still affect the creation of your webpage, effort must also be taken to ensure that your information is presented as a good user experience on mobile platforms. Design experience and the perfect testing tools mean that we develop your website to ‘mobile first’ principles – making it as enticing on a smartphone as much as it shines in the office.

Solid SEO

Search engine optimisation is imperative for organic growth of your website. Our streamlined approach to website development means your sites rank well in Google, with no ‘zombie pages’ or poor metadata threatening to hinder search results.

We can also offer advice on other aspects of SEO, from content management to embedded video and beyond.

Utilising everything at our disposal to bring you the perfect end result

For the perfect website, results matter much more than the road taken to get there. We are not afraid to use whatever tools are available to make the best website for you – whether that mean implementing a well-structured template or getting our hands dirty to code you a site from scratch. What’s important is that you get the site you want.

For more information and to discuss your project needs with us, give us a call on 01592 551491 or fill in our contact form today.