Website design, development and content management

The core of our business at Intrafusion, we offer a full website design and development package whether we are coming in at the beginning ‘drawing board’ stage or are just needed to bolt some additional pieces onto an already-established site.

As experts in content management systems (CMS), we can build you a fully functional secure site that is either public facing or used internally for your business operations. We are well-versed in SQL and database management and can integrate with your current backend systems or help you migrate fully cleaned data to a new modern database.

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eCommerce and online trading

Utilising the wealth of Drupal eCommerce solutions, we will develop an online shop system to suit your exact requirements, with integration with many of the top third-party systems available today, from PayPal and WorldPay to Amazon and eBay for more exposure and opportunity to make sales.

Our experience with CMS systems and database-driven backends means we can provide the finest interface for you to keep stock levels up-to-date, manage product descriptions and build a library of products with enticing images.

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Set-up, support and maintenance

Finding the time to manage all the secondary aspects of website ownership can be difficult for anyone running a business. With this in mind, Intrafusion offer a number of bespoke service and maintenance packages to release you from the burden of regular maintenance.

It’s key for your website continued security and organic growth that it is regularly maintained – we can take this responsibility onto our shoulders and let you relax with the peace of mind that everything regarding your site is in order.

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