Websites for business

The world is awash with small-time web designers, providing quick Wordpress or Wix solutions for emerging businesses, but when you need to rely on something a little more substantial for long-term investment and an in-depth client user experience, then you need a web developer with a more complete toolset – someone who has the understanding to provide a robust, scaleable solution that isn’t outgrown almost as soon as it is deployed.

You need Intrafusion.

We specialise in Drupal-developed websites for businesses of any size, offering a custom development that is designed entirely around your company. We create around your needs, so you never need to adapt to fit us, and turn your vision of a fully-functional web experience into tangible reality.

What is Drupal?

With over a million developers working on the open-source platform, Drupal provides the most stable content management solution on the internet today. It is trusted by millions of established businesses and organisations to provide an error-free, fast and reliable website platform no matter how heavy the load. From the BBC to Amnesty International, Drupal websites work to give your business the bespoke internet infrastructure you need.

Who are Intrafusion?

Intrafusion is the work and passion of Colin Shipton, a dedicated developer in West Lothian, Scotland with a keen understanding of the benefits of tailored software solutions. Utilising a network of trusted collaborators that have proven their worth over more than a decade of diverse projects, Colin will take you from the drawing board to final deployment and beyond with a comprehensive maintenance and support package.

Intrafusion is about working together to produce the perfect bespoke solution, crafted by experienced professionals for companies serious about their business.

Our range of services includes:

  • Website design, development and content management
    The core of our business at Intrafusion, we offer a full website design and development package whether we are coming in at the beginning ‘drawing board’ stage or are just needed to bolt some additional pieces onto an already-established site.
  • eCommerce and online trading
    Utilising the wealth of Drupal eCommerce solutions, we will develop an online shop system to suit your exact requirements, with integration with many of the top third-party systems available today, from PayPal and WorldPay to Amazon and eBay for more exposure and opportunity to make sales.
  • Set-up, support and maintenance
    Finding the time to manage all the secondary aspects of website ownership can be difficult for anyone running a business. With this in mind, Intrafusion offer a number of bespoke service and maintenance packages to release you from the burden of regular maintenance.

Client testimonial

Our relationship with clients is central to our ethos of collaboration and understanding, so it’s always great to get positive feedback! Here are some comments from those we have worked closely with:


We have worked with Intrafusion for a few years now and always found that they deliver high quality work and are excellent at coming up with creative solutions to complex problems. But most of all they are very dependable and trust-worthy.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Nicholas Saxlund
Managing Director