Webmaster Tools

Here are some very useful tools/sites which webmasters will find very useful

Manual Search Engine Submission

We recommend submitting your home page to the major search engines individually, at least initially. However, there are several services that do groups of them for you - and is a big time saver for the rest of your site. The following is one of our favorites: FreeWebSubmission.com. We always deselected Google & Bing, we submit our web pages to the following search engines manually (without a special tool) just to ensure that it is done.

Don't fret if you don't see immediate results. Your site should normally exist in Bing within about 6-12 weeks, and in Google within about 3 months. (You will not likely get much search results from Google for the first year though - but hold out and keep working on the other tricks. In the long run, Google will normally give you about 60 - 70% of the search engine traffic.)


Browsershots is a free online service where you can test your website in serveral different browsers on different platforms.

When you submit your web address, you are asked to specify on what browsers, platforms and settings you want the webpage to be tested. The task is then is automatically added to the job queue. A number of distributed computers automatically open the webpage in their browser. Then they make screenshots and upload them to the central server at Browsershots.org.

Enter Web Address

Please note: It takes approx. 30 minutes to complete a full check.


iStockphotoiStockphoto is the world's preeminent collection of member-generated royalty-free images, at the world's best prices. There are no subscription fees or extra costs. Just the best Stock Photography, Vector illustrations, and Flash files online, at prices for everyone.

With prices starting at $1 for web-ready images there really isn't a better place to start looking for your royalty-free images. Visit iStockphoto now.

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