You Know You Should Use JavaScript When…

Posted onMonday, 05 October 2009

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You know you should use JavaScript when the task cannot be accomplished with any other technology.

That’s what Doug suggested when I asked him for a nicer spin on a something that was going through my head:

JavaScript: If it can be done in another language, it should be done in another language.

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5 Lesser Known JavaScript Libraries that Make Web Design Easier

Posted onTuesday, 29 September 2009

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In this round-up we’ll be looking at 5 JavaScript libraries that can really ease the development of modern, attractive web sites. The libraries that we’ll be looking at aren’t libraries in the same sense as something like jQuery or the YUI; they’re much smaller and much more specialized. But they’re the best at what they do and provide unique functionality.

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Search Engine Optimization 101

Posted onSaturday, 12 September 2009

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Your website may be top notch but what's the use of an online presence if no one can find it? In this quick start guide to search engine optimization we'll review an assortment of tactics to increase your page ranking.

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20 Fresh jQuery Plugins to Enhance your User Interface

Posted onThursday, 10 September 2009

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The great thing about jQuery is that talented jQuery developers often release new and useful plugins on a regular basis. jQuery plugins are not only easy to implement, but easy to maintain even when used throughout large sites.

In this article, we share with you a list of 20 useful jQuery plugins that were released recently that could help you for your next web project. There are various types of plugins here such as modal windows, image galleries, auto complete for form input, bookmarking functions, preloaders, and more. Enjoy!

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Creating a Facebook-like Registration Form with jQuery

Posted onMonday, 07 September 2009

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Facebook is a showcase of great UI design. And as it has become a major part of our lives, it has also raised the bar for web development, pushing developers to meet higher expectations.

This however has a good side – it challenges web developers and designers to better themselves and constantly improve their work.

In this tutorial, we are going to learn from the best, and create a facebook-like sign up form. So go ahead and download the demo files to start learning!

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Web 2.0 Badges

Posted onThursday, 27 August 2009

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They are probably one of the most popular trend in Web 2.0 time. It's most over-used trendy little design technique in our days, they immediately attract visitor's attention. Web badges have various round or square corners and eye-catchy colours. Badges can be used to display a big 'Beta' message on your website or emphasize a price or a promotion.

No web 2.0 site is complete without one.

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30 Untypical WordPress Sites

Posted onWednesday, 26 August 2009

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By now, I think most of you should know that WordPress can do more than just a blog platform. With WordPress, plus some plugins, you can build almost any type of websites.

To show you what I mean, I have collected 30 websites that use WordPress for different purposes — from general websites to portfolios, ecommerce and corporate sites. Hope this post will open up more ideas for you to use WordPress.

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