How E-commerce Startups Are Marrying Content & Commerce

Posted onSunday, 17 March 2013

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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have given rise to a new age of content creation, and while ecommerce startups are typically focused on selling online, increasingly they’re turning their attention to content as a means of building an audience. Content and commerce are no longer mutually exclusive, with companies profiling designers, blogging about how to use their products, and generally providing a more editorial slant to ecommerce sites.

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What is E-commerce - Advantages and Drawbacks

Posted onFriday, 27 May 2011

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by William King

Electronic Commerce or e-commerce is the trade of products and services by means of the Internet or other computer networks. E-commerce follows the same basic principles as traditional commerce that is, buyers and sellers come together to swap commodities for money. But rather than conducting business in the traditional way in shopping stores or through mail order catalogs and telephone operators — in e-commerce buyers and sellers transact business over networked computers.

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Choosing an E-commerce Merchant Account

Posted onFriday, 29 April 2011

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by Ian Canaway

If you run an online business and you don't know what an e-commerce merchant account is you need to read this article. A simply analogy is that an e-commerce merchant account is like the checkout in your local shop. They both process any payment that comes in their direction and both are essential for their relative businesses, as without any means of processing payments an online business is destined for failure thus the importance of finding an e-commerce merchant account.

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