A Guide to Creating Good Content for Your Business

Posted onMonday, 24 March 2014

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Think about what you know – Think about what interests you. Make a list of the things you know about, the things people seem to want to hear about, the topics you’re interested in and that get you excited.

Find good courses – Collect the websites, blogs, books and other sources that contain the best writing and reporting about your topics. Keep adding new ones and pruning the less valuable ones.

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11 Steps to Make the Best Use of Images on Your Website

Posted onMonday, 03 February 2014

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When it comes to ‘web content’, there are few things that get forgotten as much as images do. This comes as a shock considering how important good images are for making a lasting impression on your website and encouraging users to ‘stay’.

In order to make the most of the images on your website and to ensure that you stand out from your competitors here are some simple steps to follow;

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