Posted onThursday, 25 November 2010

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Artillery is an award winning design studio, specialising in pushing the creative boundaries across all design disciplines including branding, animation and motion graphics. Their strengths lie within a process of working with quality in-house talents and a core of external specialists which means thier clients benefit, getting top end skills and results for each and every job.

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Quicktip: Drupal User Links in Menu

Posted onTuesday, 09 November 2010

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If you would like to have Register and/or Log in links for anonymous users, but My account and/or Log out for authenticated users in one of the menu's. Drupal will automatically hide the menu items which the user doesn't have access to, the paths for the menu items are:

Log in
My account

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Kevin Smith Slaters

Posted onWednesday, 20 October 2010

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Kevin Smith Slaters has been established since 1998 and specialises in all roofing slates and tiles, large contract to small extensions. They also offer a wide range of roughcast wet or dry to specialist render.

The website was a re-design and a re-development of their existing site.

View site:

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Navigational Options for Your Website: Choose Wisely

Posted onTuesday, 05 October 2010

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By Merle

So you've decided to it's time to revamp your website's navigation, or maybe you're putting together a new site and are trying to decide the best navigational menu to use. Before you choose one type over the other, you'll want to consider the size of your site and your anticipated growth, as the menu structure you select may have to expand.

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Google Sitemaps for SEO

Posted onTuesday, 21 September 2010

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This just in: Google sitemaps is finally a useful tool. When Google launched sitemaps in June of 2005, they predicted that sitemaps would either be an enormous success or a colossal failure. Up to this point, sitemaps looked as if they were going to be that colossal failure. The system simply did not offer enough benefit to website owners for the amount of work required to put together and maintain an XML sitemap.

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How to Design a Search Engine Friendly Web Site

Posted onMonday, 06 September 2010

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by Herman Drost

Many web site designers don't design their sites for the search engines. This is a huge mistake because they miss out on attracting lots of free traffic. Your beautifully designed web site may have cost you thousands of dollars but it still needs to attract visitors to be profitable.

Here are 12 highly effective strategies for designing a search engine friendly web site:

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Events for Business

Events for Business

Posted onMonday, 30 August 2010

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Events for Business create, organise, manage and deliver some of Scotland’s best events for small business.  Janet Torley heads up the company and alongside her team of employees and associates – most of whom have been with EFB since the start over 5 years ago, consistently strive to bring best value to whatever job they do.

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