Drama at Brands Hatch!

Posted onWednesday, 03 April 2013

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The 2013 season opener at Brands Hatch certainly provided a real rollercoaster ride! It was typical Porsche Carrera Cup action with a little SNOW thrown in.

While I was after podiums in the first round of the season, I have to be happy to head back to Scotland with solid points from two fourth-place finishes. But the results do not even get close to telling the story.

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Responsive Site Redesign: 4 SEO Considerations

Posted onSaturday, 23 March 2013

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Whether you've already decided to go responsive or you're still considering a responsive site redesign, there are some things you'll need to look out for from an SEO standpoint.

Above the fold issues, content strategy, internal links, and mobile specifics can trip you up.

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How E-commerce Startups Are Marrying Content & Commerce

Posted onSunday, 17 March 2013

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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have given rise to a new age of content creation, and while ecommerce startups are typically focused on selling online, increasingly they’re turning their attention to content as a means of building an audience. Content and commerce are no longer mutually exclusive, with companies profiling designers, blogging about how to use their products, and generally providing a more editorial slant to ecommerce sites.

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The 7 Strengths of Drupal

Posted onSunday, 03 March 2013

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Many CMS's or frameworks have a "community" but what Drupal has is incredibly unique. Drupal has a truly international community, with a huge amount of communication, sharing of responsibility and participation of all kinds going on across borders at all times.

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Creating a Custom Apache Solr Facet in Drupal

Posted onTuesday, 19 February 2013

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Apache Solr provides a much higher performance search for sites with massive amounts of content when compared with what Drupal can do out of the box. It also provides what's known as “faceted” searching. In this example, the website has several different node types, and the search results need to be able to be filtered based on node type. The node types we're working with are Products, Accessories, Pages and Literature.

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Sneddon Morrison

Sneddon Morrison

Posted onTuesday, 11 December 2012

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Sneddon Morrison have been providing legal services in West Lothian, Lanarkshire and throughout Scotland for over thirty years. They aim to provide a high-quality and approachable service for all their clients and have been awarded for their innovative and forward thinking use of technology.

The website was a re-design and a re-development of their existing site. The site was constructed using the open-source Drupal CMS system to meet their functional requirements, including a completely new system for managing and displaying their properties.

View site:

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6 Indispensable Free & Freemium SEO Tools

Posted onThursday, 06 December 2012

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When you are working on search engine optimization for your own business or for a client’s website, you will need some great SEO tools. If you have the budget, you can certainly pay for the best SEO tools the Internet has to offer, but if you don’t, then free and freemium tools are the alternative.

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