Web 2.0 Badges

Posted onThursday, 27 August 2009

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They are probably one of the most popular trend in Web 2.0 time. It's most over-used trendy little design technique in our days, they immediately attract visitor's attention. Web badges have various round or square corners and eye-catchy colours. Badges can be used to display a big 'Beta' message on your website or emphasize a price or a promotion.

No web 2.0 site is complete without one.

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30 Untypical WordPress Sites

Posted onWednesday, 26 August 2009

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By now, I think most of you should know that WordPress can do more than just a blog platform. With WordPress, plus some plugins, you can build almost any type of websites.

To show you what I mean, I have collected 30 websites that use WordPress for different purposes — from general websites to portfolios, ecommerce and corporate sites. Hope this post will open up more ideas for you to use WordPress.

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Game, Set & Match

Posted onFriday, 14 August 2009

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Founded in 1995, Game Set & Match is a family specialist sports shop in Chichester, West Sussex. Their aim is to offer the best selection of equipment at competitive prices, with friendly expert advice to make sure you get what is right for you because you can try it before you buy it.

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Twitter Marketing Explored

Posted onFriday, 31 July 2009

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Twitter is growing by leaps and bounds as people begin to appreciate its clean and easy-to-use interface. Twitter, at this point, does not look like one of the many flash-in-the-pan Internet applications that we have seen in times' past.

Twitter's 140 character micro-blogging platform has gained a lot of traction, as individuals and business people have learned to bring together their friends, family and customers under a communications platform that all users find useful.

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Royall Appointments

Posted onFriday, 31 July 2009

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Royall Appointments is an experienced recruitment company that offers a fresh approach to recruitment by really understanding you and your requirements. By taking time to understand and learn about your needs results in savings in time and cost. Royall Appointments offers innovative ideas, great delivery and better results for the long term.

The website is built using the open source WordPress using a bespoke design with links to Twitter.

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Special Offer

Posted onWednesday, 22 July 2009

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As a current promotion we are offering a one page template based website aimed at businesses that do not currently have a web presence.

The website can be customised with your logo and the colours of your choice for a one off price of £200+VAT. We will also include one years’ hosting and domain registration if necessary free of charge.

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50 New CSS Techniques For Your Next Web Design

Posted onMonday, 20 July 2009

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CSS is almost certainly one of the best developments in web design since the first graphical web browsers were adopted on a wide scale. Where tables created clunky, slow-loading pages, CSS created much more streamlined and usable web pages. Plus, CSS has allowed designers to achieve a number of different styles that used to only be possible with images.

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How do META geo tags influence the search results?

Posted onTuesday, 07 July 2009

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Matt Cutts from Google regularly posts tips on the Google Webmaster Central YouTube channel, the short videos normally offer small pieces of advice on how you can impact your site's ranking in Google. The most recent video, posted yesterday answers a question raised by Jochen from Stuttgart, Germany "How do META geo tags influence the search results?"


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