New Premises at Law's Close, High Street, Kirkcaldy

Posted onThursday, 31 January 2013

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We are delighted to announce that we've moved into new premises at Law's Close, High Street, Kirkcaldy, you can view some photos on our Facebook page. A brief overview and history of the building is below:

Law’s Close is one of the finest surviving 16th Century townhouses in Scotland which took its present form when it belonged to a ship owning family called Law in the late 1500s. The high status of the building is expressed in the fine interior decorations found throughout the building such as painted ceilings, plaster mouldings, multiple glazed windows and the use of cut-stone. The building has an extensive collection of architectural and historically important details within its walls including a medieval wall painting, timber paneling, 16th century painted ceilings, a late 17th Century plasterwork ceiling and a 17th century wall painting of a ship possibly commemorating the arrival of Anne of Denmark to Scotland in 1589.

After a 20 year restoration project undertaken in several phases; the final phase of which completed the restoration and adaptation of the building to re-open it as a premises for small local businesses, providing office space and retail units, predominantly for the creative industries.

Throughout the project archaeological investigations and historic research were carried out.  Phases of the building, significant features and details were all recorded and informed the restoration work and contributed to the permanent exhibition within the Education Room.

An educational room in the courtyard of the building offers workshop space and the building is frequently used for art exhibitions and open days.  The long rigg garden has been developed, as part of the Kirkcaldy Riggs Gardens Project, to relate a modern garden design to reflect the history of the house.  It is open to the public and includes an outside performance space. This is managed as a community garden.