How do META geo tags influence the search results?

Posted onTuesday, 07 July 2009

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Matt Cutts from Google regularly posts tips on the Google Webmaster Central YouTube channel, the short videos normally offer small pieces of advice on how you can impact your site's ranking in Google. The most recent video, posted yesterday answers a question raised by Jochen from Stuttgart, Germany "How do META geo tags influence the search results?"


In the video Matt says it's not something that Google uses too much, However, they do look at:

  • IP Address
  • gTLD
  • ccTLD

He also points out that there's a feature in Google's Webmaster Tools where you can tell it that your site pertains to a specific country even though it's a dot com. "Typically the geotags that are in meta tags are not as useful and We don't tend to give those as much weight if at all," says Matt. He suggests spending your time:

  • trying to make sure you have the right domain name
  • trying to make sure you have the right IP address if you can
  • If you have content (even if it's geo-located) even if it's a sub-domain or a sub-directory, you can specify it in Google's Webamster Tools. You can tell it that certain content is relevant for a particular country.