Facebook for Business - Part 4 of 4 Influence Friends of Fans

Posted onSunday, 15 December 2013

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Building up a presence on Facebook can be established through various forms. When a fan engages with a post on your page, this interaction will show up on their timeline, meaning that their friends will be able to see it.

Now that you have learned how to engage with your audience, part four is about how to influence the friends of your fans. It’s a known fact that word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of advertising, and it’s no different on Facebook. Any interaction that a fan has on your business page creates a story on their timeline. I.e. if someone likes your page, likes a post, checks in or writes a comment, this will be seen on their timeline. 

There are various ways to increase the presence of your page on your audience’s timeline. You could offer a discount or deal if fans ‘check in’ at the location of your business, or share exclusive information and offers that are too good refuse which encourages your fans to engage, and share with their friends. Creating an event page and inviting people to join can also prove effective as fans may share the event on their page, or invite their friends, thus increasing the awareness of your business. 

Posting questions and polls are both good ways for your audience interact with your page. If they engage in the post, the interaction will show up on their timeline, meaning that their friends will see the post they have engaged in, which may encourage them to interact also. It’s important that the polls or questions being asked are interesting enough to draw an audience. 

Other than advertising, which we looked at in part two, sponsored stories can be an excellent way to engage with your target audience. As a business, you can pay to promote a story so there’s a better chance of people who are not fans seeing it. Sponsored stories can be seen in news feeds both on desktop and mobile sites, and can be featured in the right hand column of Facebook, much like an advert. If a story is sponsored, there is more chance that a fan will like it, and then that story will appear on their friend’s timeline – increasing the visibility of your post. 

It’s not recommended that you sponsor a story if your business page has less than 100 likes as the results may not be as effective. If you don’t yet have 100 likes, consider creating a Facebook advert to increase fans (read more about advertising in part two).  

As discussed in part two, the page insight section is the best way to track the analytics for understanding your audience and the content which they respond to. Page insights will allow you to understand which posts are liked, shared and talked about the most, so it would make sense to sponsor these posts to encourage further engagement by people who aren’t already fans. This feature will also allow you to better understand where your likes are coming from. For example, how many people clicked ‘Like’ from an advert or sponsored story.