Facebook for Business - Part 3 of 4 Engage Your Audience

Posted onSunday, 24 November 2013

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Engaging with your audience is one of the most important things that you can do for your business. Social media has made interaction with your audience more accessible, so it’s important that you ensure you are doing all you can to engage with the audience. 

Whenever you post any form of content on your business page, you are inviting your audience to participate in communication while, at the same time, creating opportunities to generate sales. Posting quality and informational content regularly keeps your audience engaged and increases interest from both your audience and target audiences. When someone likes your page, they are showing an interest in your business’ products and services, and want to be kept updated on important updates, competitions and offers. Therefore, posting relevant and interesting content is essential to keep your audience interested. 

Sometimes it’s not easy to think of something to write about, so if you don’t have anything interesting to post, wait until you do. When you do post content to your page, make sure your posts are relevant to your audience and that they represent your business accordingly. 

A post should be concise, conversational and above all, friendly. Posts that are friendly, and even at times humorous, can draw a high percentage of new fans; try to be warm and inviting. As discussed in part one, sharing photos and videos are more engaging to your audience than just a post, so if you have a new product or service, try and post a photo or video of it in action. 

Asking your audience questions invites them to interact with your page and share their views. Posting about offers can also be an effective way to interact with your audience, and if it’s good enough, they may even share it with their friends! To keep on top of your business page, it’s advised to post at least 1 to 2 times per week so that you don’t lose interest from your fans. 

Promoting a post is a great way to reach a higher amount of your fans, which in turn can be seen by their friends. Promoting a post makes it stand out to your audience more as it’s bumped higher on their news feed. There is further information on promoting a post in part four. 

One of the most engaging forms of interaction with your audience is to respond to them. Continuing to engage by replying to any content that fans may post, can develop a relationship between them and your business; it’s very important to keep on top of any posts or private messages. If you are responding to a specific person, be sure to address them directly. If there has been a lot of interaction on a post, it may be beneficial to tag the person in a response by typing @ before their name.

Keeping on top of audience engagement and private messages is very important to your page. You will receive a notification in your ‘admin panel’ when someone messages or posts on your page. It is also on the ‘admin panel’ where you have the option to reply to any messages or comments. 

Now that you’ve learned more about engaging with your existing audience, read part four to understand how to influence friends of your fans!