Facebook for Business - Part 2 of 4 Connect with People

Posted onTuesday, 29 October 2013

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Having a social media presence is an excellent way to promote your business. But, it’s essential that you are active in connecting with both your audience, and target audiences. Engaging via the medium of Facebook can reap excellent benefits for your business.

Now that your business page is up and running, part two focusses on the best way to connect with people through Facebook advertising, part one 'Building a Page' is still available. The Facebook advertising feature makes it straightforward to effectively target both your current and potential customers through paid messages which are tailored to your target audience and demographic.

To set up a Facebook advert, you simply select your business page under the option, ‘what would you like to do?', or visit the Advertise on Facebook page directly. In the drop down menu, there is a selection of options. ‘Get More Page Likes’ allows you to effectively reach people who aren’t already connected to your page. If you select this, you’re required to design your advert which should include a catchy headline, punchy body text and an engaging image. ‘Promote Page Posts’ is an easy way to get more people to see a certain post. The promoted post will appear higher in peoples news feed, meaning that there is more chance that your audience will see the post.

To be able to reach your target audience, you should have an understanding of your ideal customer. This will be based on the products and services that you offer, and who they suit – the demographic. If you have created an advert or promoted a post, you will be offered the option to choose the specific demographic for your advert, meaning that it will be seen by your target audience. You can select from the location, age and gender of the audience, as well as how many people you want the advert or promoted post to reach.

Creating a Facebook campaign couldn’t be easier. You simply name your campaign, select your budget and set the schedule. When paying for a campaign, you will pay for what’s known as CPM - click per impression. This means that you only pay each time someone clicks on your advert. One of the benefits of using a campaign is that you will never pay more than your budget, meaning that you are in complete control of the cost of your Facebook adverts.

An effective way to establish what works best for your audience is to run multiple versions of an advert. Doing this allows you to gauge what content is more effective in reaching your target audience and which adverts receive a higher response. When running multiple adverts, it’s beneficial to amend one advert at a time. Doing this will allow you to determine what part of the advert is having the impact on response rates.

Once your first advert has been set up, you should keep on top of monitoring the performance of it. It’s important that you follow, and understand, how well the advert is working, and if it is engaging effectively with your audience. Monitoring your advert will be an effective gauge of whether you should consider implementing further adverts, or if you should be changing the advert content in any way to suit your demographic.

Now that you have a better understanding of connecting with people through advertising on Facebook, read part three to learn how best to engage with your audience!