Drupal – A More Powerful Platform

Posted onMonday, 06 January 2014

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At Intrafusion our preferred platform for building websites is Drupal – an open sourced web development product.  For the less technical reader, it’s like Wordpress but with bells, whistles and much better overall functionality to build a powerful website.  Colin Shipton , our chief developer, is a long time expert with Drupal and the go to person for many of his fellow web professionals.

A couple of the immediate key advantages of using Drupal to power a website is that it is a multi-user system, letting site visitors log in (as “authenticated” users) or browse the site without doing so (as “anonymous” users). You control their access levels, and can also assign “roles” for multiple permission levels.  A Drupal based site will also both host and promote your content. It can reach out beyond your site to give you a presence on Twitter, Facebook, and in other venues. Drupal’s built-in features also give search engines what they want, improving your web impact automatically.  There is of course much more to Drupal as a platform and you can read about it here.