7 Reasons Why a Local Web Developer is Best

Posted onMonday, 02 September 2013byColin Shipton

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It's tempting to outsource work to freelancers and companies who advertise their services on the internet because they often claim to be cheaper. Below are 7 reasons why this local business is the best option.

Communication Problems

It makes a big difference when you can sit face to face with your web developer and explain your requirements, review the work at various stages and make corrections as the job progresses. If your web developer is located in another time zone, you have potential communication hurdles as well as possible language barriers or cultural differences.

Understanding your Business

Local web developers will be able to come to your office and see how your business works. They will discuss and advise on your web presence and use that knowledge when they actually do the work.

Local Knowledge

There is no substitute for understanding the locality, especially if your site is aimed at a specific area or demographic.

Local Reputations at Stake

When the customer is in the same area, designers have more to lose if they provide poor service. You can also for local references with whom you can cross check the quality of service.

Technical Support and Training

Everyone needs technical support. Sometimes technical problems may be caused due to a design issues. You may also need training for using your content management system or your web hosting control panel. You will get better support and interactive training when you hire locally.

Still with you Long Term

Continuity and longevity are problems when outsourcing. When you're dealing with well-established local companies, you're less likely to face such a problem.


Local companies are more likely to be committed to help you achieve a successful website. Web design and development is an ongoing process even though the bulk of the work is done in the initial months. New requirements and changes keep coming up and you're better off with a local web developer who has more commitment and a higher stake in your success.