5 Things Every Small Business Owner Should Know About Social Media

Posted onTuesday, 01 April 2014byMelissa Hendry

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Things have drastically changed online. Gone are the days when just having a website was enough. In order to succeed online, you have to be active on social networks and you have to have a strategy to stay in front of your customers.

Here are 5 critical things that you need to know about social media for your business:

 You have to be active online – Being active online means constantly updating, changing and refreshing the content on your site, your blog and your social channels. Not only does this give your customer the impression that you care, it also communicates to your customer that you definitely are a real business.

2.    Your customers are active online – Your customers are consuming more content than ever, and they are consuming it everywhere! This means that if you want to be found, you need to go to where they are. The more targeted you can get, the better off you will be.

3.    You must be accessible – Beyond updating and keeping your messaging fresh, you also need to be open to criticism and praise. We live in a world where online users want to be heard and expect an immediate response. By giving your customers and fans a form to interact with you, they’re going to be more loyal.

4.    You need to blog – Blogging is the number one way to bring customers to your door. Every blog you post is a new entry point into your website and therefore, potentially a new opportunity for a sale. Your customers crave more and more content, so feed them with regular blog posts containing new, relevant content.

5.    Social media should be social – The most important thing you should take away from this is that social media is about being social. That means starting conversations, replying, and engaging with your customers online.