43 Essential Controls for Creating your Web Applications

Posted onSaturday, 20 March 2010

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Designing a web application? Familiarize yourself with Rich Internet Application technologies and the best UI controls for creating your application.

Rich Internet Application technology has empowered us to create really amazing user experiences. The best RIAs on the web today rely on a discreet set of UI controls to provide a lively and timely experience. If you are moving from web site design to web application design, the best information you can have at your disposal is an understanding of these essential controls.

RIA Libraries, Toolkits, and Frameworks

Most of these libraries, toolkits, and/or frameworks have an online gallery of controls (also called components, widgets, UI controls) you should explore. Why? So you aren’t one of those designers making a bunch of pretty pictures in Photoshop or Illustrator that can’t be implemented (or are too expensive to be coded as designed).

43 Essential Controls

Many products are siloed by the RIA framework they are using, and designers create novel controls when the framework doesn’t have what they need. This can decrease the usability of the product, and increase the amount of design effort, usability testing, technical specifications and development time. Before you succumb to designing a brand new control, learn what’s out there.

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