10 Ways to Boost Blog Traffic

Posted onTuesday, 15 April 2014byMelissa Hendry

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What is it that makes a business blog worth the effort and investment? Traffic. Unfortunately, getting that traffic is a process that takes time and practice. Below are 10 things to remember when you are writing posts for business or professional blogs.

1. Publish Regularly

Your loyal blog fans will want to see content published regularly, Create a schedule and stick to it – after a time, you may even get ahead and write weeks in advance.

2. Guest Posters

The issue of guest posting has overtaken the world of social and content marketing. While under debate, there’s no question that guest blogging is effective. As long as the content is original and not cross-link heavy, business and professional blogs should solicit submissions from fellow bloggers and avid fans.

3. Social Sharing

This is quite an obvious one, however, it is important. Posts need to be shared, tweeted, posted, and appear on as many newsfeeds as possible. Without this, the only traffic you’ll get is link-ins through a main website and random users who search for tags on blogging platforms.

4. Style & Tone

A big mistake business bloggers make is over-promoting their products and services. Posts need to answer questions, not give a sales pitch. Over time, you’ll generate enough traffic via cross-links to make blogging a worthwhile effort.


Comments on your blog means that readers have made it through the article and have been compelled to voice their opinions. Nothing is more rewarding. In terms of traffic generation, you should do the same on blogs as related industries. This way, people on outside sites who read comments will see and possibly link into your blog.

6. Tags

Tags are how blogs are sorted and searched through each platform. WordPress for instance, showcases blogs to users who frequently publish under certain tags. Use tags to label your content but beware of the following:

Only use relevant tags

Don’t tag trends and celebrities

Keep them to a minimum (under 10)

Don’t use multiple iterations of the same word

Find topics that use the same tags

7. Links

Internal and external links are great ways to increase a blog’s visibility. Like tags, links need to be relevant and add substance to a post. Make sure the links work and are directed at authoritative sites. Never link to a popular site with the intent to capture more traffic.

8. Multimedia

Use plenty of pictures, videos, charts and infographics in your posts. People love images and are more likely to follow blogs that publish original existing graphics.

9. Emphasise Quality

Readers choose from a vast range of blogs to read – what makes yours different? The quality of the content is the obvious answer. Everything you post (especially for business-sponsored blogs) needs to relate to a specific industry.

10. Authority

Authoritative blogs are the ones that pull in thousands of daily readers. To turn this into a reality, you need to stick to these listed tips and avoid publishing garbage.