Drupal Blog Round-up - January 2015

Posted onSaturday, 31 January 2015

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How to Use Display Suite Field Templates in Drupal 7

Display Suite is one of the essential modules which I use on every project. It allows you to change the look and feel of entity bundles, i.e., content types, vocabularies, users and much more. Building custom layouts and adding fields is a breeze, but there's another feature you may not be aware of and that's custom field templates. Display Suite allows you to change the markup which is used to render individual fields.

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Drupal Job Market 2014

Posted onFriday, 19 September 2014

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The market for Drupal talent is strong. In May of 2014 the Drupal Association sent out a survey asking about the current job market. Below is an infographic with highlights from the survey.

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5 Ways to Make Your Social Media Strategy More Effective

Posted onTuesday, 13 May 2014

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1.Be Active

Every relationship is built on shared experience, and your relationship with social media users is no different. Your customers aren’t going to initiate contact with you, so it is up to you to begin those conversations, build relationships and sustain contact. Social media is all about actively engaging with you users and being ‘social’.

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16 Tips for Creating Compelling Content Your Followers Will Want to Share

Posted onTuesday, 06 May 2014

Think Like a Journalist

Before getting too bogged down with the meat-and-veg of the content, remember that you’ll win or lose about 90% of your target audience with your headlines and intros alone. Win them over here, and you’ll have a much easier job with the rest.


If you’re in the midst of a dry-spell, trying to find out what pearls of wisdom are floating around the brains of those around you. Family, friends and colleagues alike – even those with no interest in your niche can offer new and interesting perspectives.

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Intrafusion - Life in the Fast Lane!

Posted onMonday, 28 April 2014

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As you can probably imagine, I spend the majority of my day behind a computer designing and developing websites. In my spare time I thoroughly enjoy watching motorsports and I would love to be able to get involved myself, however, I lack the time, budget and skill to do so. For 4 years now, I have been sponsoring a rising driving star, Rory Butcher. He is from Fife and is currently taking the racing circuit by storm.

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The Rapid Growth of Web Design

Posted onMonday, 21 April 2014

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Early 1990’s – Snail Paced Dial Up

The very first website was published in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee. The internet consisted mainly of text based sites with no sign of visual considerations such as typography and imagery. Lightweight websites were built and optimised for the current internet speeds which was dial-up.

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